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Our Policy 

Code of conduct

Diversity & Inclusion

Any use of racial slurs, hate speech, or words used to bully and undermine others will result in a ban from the forum and your posts prerminantely deleted. 

Unorthorised personal information

Posting unorthorised non public information without consent will result in a permanent ban from the forum and deleted activity. 

Responsibility for your posts

It is up to the user to ensure they have consent for the information and images they share. 


Wix processes user data on our behalf but does not control your personal data as a visitor to this website. Your data will be used for this website for the purpose of member accounts and analytics, however, it will not be shared with any third parties by us, except for information posted by you on your profile (CV, interests etc) exclusively to companies featured on our website. 

We share data with Hotjar for analytics, which captures data on how you engage with our platform to help us improve it. 
Website owners using Hotjar cannot see or find out about your activity on sites they don't own. Likewise,  Hotjar does not harvest personal data or sell it to anyone, ever, for any reason. Nor do they mine it for profiling or advertising purposes. 

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