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Albo Climate


An AI platform which visually maps carbon sequestration

Carbon offsetting is a huge emerging market which is all about sequestering carbon in order to meet set objectives by companies who want to become carbon neutral by a set date. Google, Meta and other companies all have similar objectives they have set out to meet.

Albo Climat’s technology allows for accurate mapping and measuring of carbon offsetting.

How it works:

Proprietary machine learning algorithms and satellite imagery combine to provide instant measurements on parameters above and below surface level which represent carbon sequestration.

This allows for carbon credit sales which are simple and accurate. It makes the process of measuring cheaper, making carbon offsetting more accessible. Before this technology emerged, people had to manually measure how wide trees were to judge how much carbon they pulled from the atmosphere. This measurement was inaccurate and timely.

Steps of Albo Climate’s plan:

  1. They identify ideal areas for sequestration projects

  2. Connect companies looking to offset carbon to these projects

  3. Offer continuous monitoring & analytics to verify carbon offset in the long run

Watch their video

I am particularly excited about this technology as it has applications far and wide outside of what this company uses it for.

Being able to map out where carbon is being sequestered means there is a huge research opportunity to more accurately understand the landscapes and influencing factors which impact how carbon is sequestered. It helps to identify key areas which are responsible for large amounts of sequestration in order to preserve them.

I imagine a future in which people can engineer habitats and landscapes using this technology to work with nature and help sequester the maximum amount of carbon possible in the most effective locations.

CEO and Founder Jaques Amselem, PHD

Copyright - AlboClimate

map out where carbon is being sequestered

continuous monitoring & analytics to verify carbon offset


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Tel Aviv, Israel

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