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An affordable and simple and automated technology which converts buildings into 'smart' buildings. Smart buildings regulate electrical appliances to save energy and reduce emissions.

This company specialises in smart city design.

The Smart City is a new paradigm: a new way of designing cities and a new way of thinking which came about in 2010. Having made its way into urban planning, tech investment, digital technology, R&D and urban research it is becoming increasingly prevalent worldwide. The ideology behind many Smart Cities is that the city can be understood as one big organism. Extrapolating data from every part of the city (the citizens, transport and businesses etc) allows for data to be channelled into a central control room, providing better control and governance. In this way it almost gives a birds eye view of everything happening in the city, and with the help of technology this gives experts the ability to make transactions seamless, prevent foreseeable crises and enhance the effectiveness of infrastructure. The aim is for a city to become predictive, on demand, fast and efficient. This concept works in relation to green agendas, as increased efficiency reduces emissions.

Buildings are responsible for around 20% of emissions. Smart buildings can control a variety of heating, cooling, lighting and power saving utilities automatically to reduce costs and emissions. However they are very expensive and hard to implement.

SidewalkLabs has delivered a solution to this issue: Mesa.

Mesa is a small box that consists of sensors and software. It is easily installed and immediately has the ability to:

  • Automatically managing heating and cooling

  • Turning off unused power outlets / lights

  • Sending maintenance warnings

This cheap technology changes a normal building into a smart building which is reliable, cost effective and better for the environment.

Watch the video below for more information on the product

Introducing Mesa, a Greener, Smarter Building in a Box

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Cheap & simple

Saves energy / emissions


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