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Subcon - an MMA company


A global provider of artificial reef sites.

Subcon, acquired by MMA, is a global provider of artificial reefs. Their engineered concrete reef structures support restoration efforts, protect coastlines, bring value to communities and add ecological function to offshore structures such as wind farms. 

Their Wave Attenuating Fringing reefs are specifically designed to protect coastlines during storm surges. These structures allow sediment to pass through while breaking large waves and providing habitat to marine wildlife. This alternative to seawalls and groins has a much greater ecological function while also allowing natural processes of sediment transport to take place, which typically are disrupted by other coastal protection methods. 

Module example - Bombora module

The Bombora module is a cylindrical shaped artificial reef module which’s complex and unique shape incorporates a nature inclusive design that provides a rich environment for marine wildlife while acting as a breakwater to incoming waves. 

Bombora modules can be fabricated rapidly and serve a 50- year design life. Constructed from Subcon’s ‘Blue-Crete’, sustainable design is factored into every part of their lifecycle, including down to the raw materials used in their manufacturing.  Blue-Crete is designed specifically to extend lifetime of modules while promoting marine growth and minimizing carbon footprint. Their compact size provides easy transport to the reef sites while the design of modules is focused specifically on wave attention and habitat enhancement. 

The material used in artificial reef modules can sometimes have negative environmental Impacts due to PH levels, however Subcon ‘Blue-Crete’ is PH neutral to mimic the PH of seawater, encouraging rapid settlement of benthic organisms and preventing changes to ocean acidity conditions.

Watch a video of one of their projects in Exmouth, AUS:


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Ecosystem enhancement

coastal protection




Perth, Australia (HQ)



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Great Barrier Reef

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Subcon do not have a career page. No jobs or internships are posted on their site. A survey conducted by LinkedIn found that up to 85% of jobs are filled not through online ads, but through networking
We strongly advice you to reach out to the company and show your interest and desire to learn more about them. At a minimum, you will gain a new connection!

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