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CarbonCure Technologies

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This innovative process involves converting waste CO2 from industrial processes into a solid material which strengthens concrete. This allows storage of CO2 in concrete, preventing it from entering the atmosphere.

CarbonCure’s innovative suite of hardware and software solutions for the concrete industry inject CO2 into concrete as it’s being mixed, where it mineralizes and is permanently locked away. Even if the concrete is demolished, the CO2 will never be released to the atmosphere. The added CO2 also provides a strength benefit that enables concrete producers to reduce the amount of cement needed in the concrete mix, lowering the concrete’s carbon footprint. The technologies are retrofitted to existing concrete plant equipment, and CarbonCure supports concrete producers throughout the installation and testing process.

Currently, CarbonCure taps into existing CO₂ supply chains from global gas suppliers which produce CO2 as a byproduct of many industrial processes. This CO₂ typically comes from the CO₂ emissions generated during ethanol and ammonia production; under usual circumstances the gas would be used and released into the atmosphere.

CarbonCure is actively seeking sources of atmospheric CO₂ for their concrete producer partners as it becomes more readily available. This may include CO₂ from within the concrete supply chain, from biogenic emissions or from emerging direct air capture (DAC) technologies.

The process:

An average high rise building built with CarbonCure concrete, stores 1.5 M pounds of CO2. “This is the same as the amount of carbon sequestered by a forest of 888 acres in a whole year”.

Watch their explainer video:

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Sequesters CO2 into concrete

Stores 1.5 M pounds of CO2 per high rise building

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Contact page:

+1 (902) 442-4020 (worldwide)
+1 (844) 407-0032 (toll-free)



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Industrial Engineer
Industrial Engineer


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