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Carbon Infinity


Innovative technologies in the pursuit of making carbon capture more accessible.

Direct Air Capture (DAC) is the removal of CO2 directly from the atmosphere. This technology is exciting, it proposes a direct way to remove harmful greenhouse gasses which pollute our environment and contribute to global rising temperatures. While some praise this innovation as the way forward in tackling the climate crisis, others are highly critical, claiming the reality of the scope of this technology is limited. The problem is that this technology is very, very expensive. It is largely inaccessible and only operates on a small scale, many argue it is too small to make a significant impact. Despite this, scientists appeal to the need for this technology alongside other solutions to reduce the negative impacts of climate change. Sadly, the infrastructure simply isn’t there yet.

A firm in London focuses its efforts on innovating new technologies that can reduce the cost of Direct Air Capture (DAC),  and their projects give hope that DAC may not continue down a path of high-cost and small-scope infrastructure. Carbon Infinity's mission is to make this technology more affordable through the innovation of cheaper and more effective sorbent materials. You can think of sorbent materials as filters that catch carbon dioxide particles as air passes through. With DAC, giant air-sucking fans force air through these filters, leaving behind ‘cleaned’ air which is safer for our environment.

The following article is a reliable source for learning more about which sorbents are used in DAC:

Carbon Infinity claims to have created a more effective and durable solvent for DAC use, a breakthrough that they affirm is the foundation of their more affordable DAC technology. With a focus on design for simple manufacturing, this company is building the foundations to pave the way for an abundance of smaller-scale DAC modules across the UK, disrupting the traditional forms of DAC which take the form of huge modules in fewer areas. Learning from a recent history of modular technology trends they believe the cost curve trajectory will prove more affordable over time if the modules are designed correctly. They envisage a society in which DAC is more commonplace, accessible, and widespread. Should they manage to do so, this could yield a big win for the effort against climate change if paired with a wider transition away from fossil fuel energy: one where our energy no longer pollutes the air we breathe and harmful emissions are returned underground.

Carbon Infinity is definitely a company to keep your eyes on as they undertake the challenge of making this a reality. For the time being, they are building localized networks of supply chains paired with advanced manufacturing techniques to make this dream a reality.

Written by Max Kennan

References: Images and information sourced from company website (

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Working to reduce the cost of Direct Air Capture - a type of carbon capture

Direct Air Capture is the removal of CO2 directly from atmosphere

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