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Climeworks is an industry leading company in Direct Air Capture technology

Direct air capture (DAC) is one of few technology options available to remove CO2 directly from the atmosphere. Carbon removal is expected to be key in the transition to a net zero energy system in which the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere is equivalent to the amount being removed.

Climeworks was founded in late 2009 by Engineers at a Swiss University. They are now the leading company in carbon sequestration via DAC. Their machines, which remove CO2 directly from the air are powered by 100% by renewable energy, energy from waste or other waste heat.

So how do these machines work?

With their storage partner Carbfix, the CO2 is turned into stone and stored underground, permanently. CO2 is mixed with water and injected deep into the earth where natural processes turn it into stone, storing it there for thousands of years.

This video by Carbfix explains the process of storage:

2020 saw the launch of the world's largest DAC plant. Based in Iceland and owned by Climeworks it is called 'Orca'. It has the ability to pull in 4,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Take a virtual tour of the power plant here!

How they are funded:

Climeworks originally sourced funding from working with the food and drink industry. With Cocacola as their primary customer, they originally removed CO2 from the air and sold it to consumers for use in their fizzy drinks. This gave them the funding to begin larger projects, and they are now in partnership with large corporations who sponsor their sequestration efforts in order to offset their emissions.

Climeworks also offers subscription services to individuals who want to make a positive environmental impact by sponsoring carbon removal from the atmosphere.

Copyright for images / information belongs to Climeworks

Environmental Benefits 

Powered by sustainable energy

4000 tonnes of CO2 withdrawn every year

Project Gallery

Online Tutoring


Job openings available in Switzerland as well as remote opportunities and internships.

Roles including:
Finance, HR, ICT , Learning / development, Engineering, Marketing and many more!

6 month internships are visible on their career page, appearing in late July and January each year with start dates in September and March.


HQ Switzerland, Opperations throughout Europe



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